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Adair AFS aerial photo 1960 copy

Aerial view of Adair AFS, 1960

By 1959, the SAGE Computer (AN-FSQ 7) installation and operation at the Direction Center 13 “blockhouse” was complete, with full integration and administrative control of subordinate stations occurring in 1960.  The purpose of the Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) was to protect the US from long-range bombers and other weapons by coordinating data from radar sites and processing it to create a single image of the airspace before sending the data to HQ NORAD at Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs, CO.  Each Direction Center was capable of sending fighter-interceptor aircraft or launch missiles at incoming targets.  SAGE was the largest, most powerful, most expensive computer system at the time.  It linked 23 other Direction Centers across the US and Canada.

Most of the support buildings were complete by 1959, with the most notable exception being the Base Chapel and Annex (built 1961-1962). The BOMARC missile program was canceled in 1960.


By 1959 services for those stationed there and their families were available: Commissary, Laundry/Dry Cleaning, Base Exchange, Barber Shop, Snack Bar, Gym, Bowling Alley, NCO Club, Officers Club, Chapel, gas station, scouting, teen club, baseball and softball fields, community garden, hobby shop, horse stables, theater, library…  The two housing areas (NCO, Officer) consisted of 150 family units.

(Note: Biographies of the following commanders are available upon request at dennismemerson@gmail.com)


4625th Support Squadron

Commanded by the “Base Commander” (similar to a Mayor of a city), this unit was responsible for supporting personnel assigned to operations of HQ POADS.  The squadron’s responsibilities were finance, personnel,  housing, transportation, air police, fire department, civil engineering, social activities such as Officer’s,  NCO and Serviceman’s Clubs (and affiliated Wives Clubs), Chapel, and recreational activities such as the gymnasium and bowling alley.  This unit also supported social programs such as scouting, teen club, etc…  The 645th USAF Dispensary was organized separately but still supported the 4625th Support Squadron.