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Kennedy School
6pm doors, 7pm program
$5 advance, $6 at the door
All ages welcome

When: Monday, March 25, 2024

McMenamins and the Oregon Historical Society present

The Thread of WWII Woven into Oregon’s Family Histories

Presented by Becky Ellis and Mary Jamieson

About The Thread of WWII Woven into Oregon’s Family Histories

The Thread of WWII Woven into Oregon’s Family Histories

Since 1942, Camp Adair, Oregon, has been a naval hospital, POW camp, Air Force BOMARC missile site, and the training ground for four WWII Army Infantry Divisions. The 104th Division was known as the Timberwolves a specially trained group of night fighters who spent more days in consecutive combat than any other unit fighting in Europe. “Lucky” Timberwolves returned home and tried to raise families and live normal lives. Some integrated back into civilian life more smoothly than others, but common among all of them was silence and secrecy.

Then, on the eve of his 90th birthday, one soldier began a year-long conversation with his daughter, Becky, about his wartime experience and the wounds passed on to his children. In her new memoir, Little Avalanches, Becky Ellis pulls the thread of war that is woven into the fabric of our country and examines it deeply. It is her story and that of her family. But it is not hers alone. This is the untold story of millions of American families.

When women are excluded from the historical record, written history is only one-sided. Join Becky Ellis and Mary Jamieson as they reveal details of Camp Adair then and now and tell the “other half” of the American story, from the perspective of women experiencing the consequences of war trauma on family life.

About Becky Ellis

Becky Ellis is a Timberwolf Pup-the daughter of a highly decorated World War II combat sergeant. She teaches writing in Portland, Oregon, where she raised three daughters. Little Avalanches, her debut memoir, is about finding compassion for her father after they shared brutal experiences-Becky in childhood and her father at war.

About Mary Jamieson

Mary Jamieson, a lifelong resident of Hillsboro, is a sixth-generation Oregonian. Her great-great-grandparents came to Oregon on the wagon train of 1852 and settled in Sherwood. Mary is the daughter of a veteran of the WWII US Army 104th Infantry “Timberwolf” Division who trained at Camp Adair. She also serves on the Board of the National Timberwolf Pups Association, a legacy group of descendants of the 104th Timberwolves.


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