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In 2010, the city of Adair Village took possession of two of the few remaining structures from the World War II-era Camp Adair cantonment. The city arranged to move the buildings; placed them on foundations; installed infrastructure; and put on new siding, new windows and new roofs. These buildings, which you can see near Highway 99W, now need to have the balance of their restoration done. Enter Adair Living History, Inc. We are raising the funding required to finish the interiors of the buildings and make them ready for use. The Adair Village City Council has agreed to the establishment of an interpretive center in one of the buildings. Once construction is complete ALH will manage the center and work to provide a variety of educational opportunities for those who interest themselves in both local and military history.

With Your Help, We are Bringing the History of Adair to life.

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Our Mission & Approach

Adair Living History, Inc. (ALH) believes in the value and importance of a community’s history. We aim to find opportunities to help the City of Adair Village recognize, acknowledge, preserve and share the history of the town and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Barbara Melton

Barbara Melton


Ms. Melton grew up in the mid-Willamette Valley and has long been interested in the history of the Adair area. She is an original member of the Board of ALH and was a member of the Adair Village Historic Resources Committee prior to that. She is retired from a 30-year career in higher education.

Dennis Emerson

Dennis Emerson


Mr. Emerson is affiliated with Albany Regional Museum as a volunteer.  He is a retired Air Force officer and is retired from ATI Wah Chang. He is a former Librarian at U. of Oregon and ATI Wah Chang and is a former dependent of Air Force NCO, stationed at Adair AFS.

David Dickson

David Dickson


Mr. Dickson was a teacher in the New York State public schools for many years, with a special interest in history. He recently retired and moved to Oregon to be closer to family. He lives in the City of Adair Village with his wife.

Gary Richards

Gary Richards


Mr. Richards is an amateur historian who has long interested himself in the history of Camp Adair. Among other things, he has located all eleven of the Camp Adair chapels that were moved to other locations and repurposed after the war.

Matt Helget

Matt Helget


Mr. Helget is a long-time WWII historian and living historian. His grandfather came to Camp Adair in 1942 and served with the 96th Infantry Division on Leyte and Okinawa. Hr. Helget graduated from Oregon State University in 2020 and during his time in college, he interned with the US Forest Service doing archaeological survey work in the cantonment area and documented the unfinished Bomarc missile pads. He is also the Vice President of the national 96th Infantry Division Association Heritage Fund and leads the history committee.

Mary Jamieson

Mary Jamieson


Ms. Jamieson is the daughter (Timberpup) of a member of the WWII 104th Timberwolf Infantry Division who trained at Camp Adair. She serves as liaison between ALH and the Timberwolves and National Timberwolf Pup’s Association.

Linda Marie Richards

Linda Marie Richards


LINDA MARIE RICHARDS (MS, Southern Oregon University; PhD, Oregon State University) is a Senior Instructor of History at Oregon State University. She writes and teaches about the places where nuclear and environmental history converge with human rights. She facilitates the Peace and Justice Strategies Office for the Oregon State University Peace Studies Certificate program and is the child of a Vietnam Veteran. She received the Oregon State University Phyllis S. Lee University Award for her work on peace and justice in 2018. She has written numerous articles and is currently writing a book entitled “Human Rights and Nuclear Wrongs.”

Patrick Ludwikoski

Patrick Ludwikoski


Mr. Ludwikoski has a particular interest in the history of the area because he retired from the 104th Division in 2005, after 21 years in the Army Reserves. The 104tharea’s history was one of the divisions that trained at Camp Adair during WWII. Additionally, his mother and father both served in WWII, so he has always had an interest in all things WWII.

Allison Nielsen

Allison Nielsen


ALLISON NIELSON : Allison is a local Real Estate Agent who has lived in Adair Village for over 2 years. Allison’s husband is a math teacher at Santiam Christian Hight School at Adair Village. Allison and her husband husband help upkeep the grounds at Santiam Christian Schools. The campus has converted many historic Camp Adair buildings including barracks, gyms, mess halls, and office buildings, while some original features have still been left untouched. It did not take long for Allison and her husband to fall in love with the history of Adair Village. Shortly thereafter Allison and her husband jumped at the opportunity to move to the City of Adair Village in the historic formerly Adair Air Force Station family housing. Living in Adair, they fell even more in love with the history of Adair. After getting her real estate license and feeling settled in Adair, Allison was seeking new ways to learn about the history of Adair, the future of Adair, and get more involved with the community. Since joining the Adair Living History(ALH) board in the Spring of 2021, Allison’s eyes have already been opened to so many of Adair’s chapters in Oregon history. She looks forward to pushing forward the initiatives of ALH so that local residents, future homeowners, former veterans, and curious passerby’s will come to know the name of Adair, and the stories behind the name and land.

A Letter from the Board

January 1, 2024

Dear Friends of Adair Living History, Inc.,

Adair Living History Inc. (ALH) 2023 year in review.

Announcing Our New Website!

In late 2022 ALH contracted with a local company called ORA Digital (One Right Angle) based in Albany, OR to build a new website for us.  We were awarded a grant from the Benton County Cultural Foundation in 2023 for the creation of this new website.  We are very grateful for awarding this grant.  We launched the new website in the spring of this year – adairhistory.org.

Picture4 copy

The main purpose of this new website, along with facilitating our goal of education and historical preservation, is to provide for a better way to receive donations..  We can now track and report on website activities such as the number of users, and from what locations, time spent on the website and each particular webpage, rating the most read pages, etc. The website provides information about ALH, our efforts in “Raising the Barracks”, the general history of the Adair area, links to resources, access to images and video, and most importantly, access to blog posts (Sentry News).  Members of the ALH Board of Directors regularly submit blog posts about the history of Adair.  In order to be alerted to new blog posts, one can subscribe at the bottom of the home page.  Please visit our website at adairhistory.org.  Blog entries are found by clicking on the “Sentry News” heading at the top of the page.. Please let us know if there’s a topic you’d like to see addressed.

ALH Adair History Day

On May 6, 2023, after performing a “clean-up” of the Camp Adair Memorial Gardens, ALH hosted Adair History Day at the Camp Adair Memorial Gardens.  Members of the Board presented information on each of the 4 Divisions that trained at Camp Adair.  Turn-out was very good and the rain held off (for the most part).

Picture5 Picture6 Picture7

City of Adair Village Founder’s Day

ALH participated in the City of Adair Village Founder’s Day on August 12, 2023.  There were exhibits, displays and presentations on Camp Adair, Adair Air Force Station, the Naval Hospital at Camp Adair, the early history of Native Americans of North Benton and south Polk counties, etc. Turn-out was a little less than the previous year but it was still evident that the local community continues to be very interested in history of the Adair area.  Local historians Judy Juntunen (Benton County Historical Museum) and Faye Abraham (former Mayor of Adair Village) and local resident Dan Lower, also participated.

                                 Picture8 Picture9

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Raising the Barracks

In 2024, ALH plans to write at least one more grant application prior to the start of major construction, either for more wiring infrastructure in the building that will house the Adair History Interpretive Center, or for computer or other equipment.

Out-Reach Activities

On May 13, 2023 ALH had a booth at the Corvallis Farmer Market to bring awareness to the organization and education the public about the history of the Adair area.

In November 2023, Matt Helget gave a presentation of Camp Adair to an OSU history class taught by board member Dr. Linda Marie Richards.

We want to make mention of the Facebook page titled “I remember Camp Adair and Adair Air Force Station.”  This site has become a good out-reach effort.  This site is very active and is rich with information about Camp Adair and Adair AFS.  This site is NOT affiliated with ALH but members of ALH, as well as others, share photos, documents, histories, biographies, etc., about Camp Adair and Adair AFS.

Other Activities

Created a schedule for adding blog posts to adairhistory.org by board members.

Created a marketing plan for increasing awareness of the organization by increasing out-reach activities and, thus, donations.

Goals for 2024

The City of Adair Village has committed to beginning major construction of “the barracks’ (the Adair History Interpretive Center) in 2024.  We hope that construction will be completed by 2025..

ALH has committed to increasing it out-reach by including more information and events about the pre-war history of the Adair area, to include the Native American presence, as well as the pioneers that inhabited the area.

ALH plans to increase donations by continuing to seek grants to fund on-going operations and through our new website, adairhistory.org.

Board of Directors Activities

ALH added five additional members to its Board of Directors: David Dickson, Patrick Ludwikoski, Vicki Emerson, Dr. Linda Marie Richards and Allison Nielsen.  Each new member has unique skills that will be most beneficial to this organization.  These are in addition to the existing board members: Matt Helget, Barbara Melton, Mary Jamison, and Dennis Emerson. Biographies of Board Members can be found at adairhistory.org, on the About ALH page.

Board members meet monthly via Zoom.  We welcome any and all who would like to attend our board meetings just let us know ahead of time so that an invitation can be sent to you.

Appeal for Help

ALH is always looking for sources of funding for the projects listed above and for projects that will come in the future, as well as volunteers to help us with these projects.  If you are interested in ALH, please contact Barbara Melton at 541-231-7838. The ultimate goal is to provide a place for residents and visitors to go and experience the rich history of the Adair area.  Our webpage, adairlhistory.org , is where donations can be made.

Dear Friends of Adair Living History, Inc., we are asking for your help in preserving the rich history of Adair, please donate.


The Board of Directors,
Adair Living History, Inc.

Adair Living History, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation located in Adair Village, Oregon

Adair Living History, Inc.

630 William R. Carr Ave.

Adair Village, OR  97330

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