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Welcome to Adair Living History’s (ALH) beautiful, new website! We’d like to introduce or re-introduce ourselves. We are a 501 c3, charitable organization, working closely with the city of Adair Village to discover, preserve, and share the rich history of the Adair area. Although the WWII-era training cantonment, Camp Adair, is probably the most familiar of any of the history in this community, there is much more to explore and learn about.

ALH is dedicated to preserving all the history of the area, from the time of the native tribes who lived here, through the time of trappers and other adventurers, the homesteaders who crossed the mountains in Conestoga wagons to build little towns, right through to Camp Adair, the US Naval Hospital, and the Adair Air Force Station. And this local history is not finished yet. On the site of these three military installations sits the City of Adair Village. History is alive and in process!

In 2010, the City of Adair Village took possession of two of the few remaining structures from Camp Adair. The city moved the buildings; placed them on foundations; installed infrastructure; and installed new siding, new windows, and a new roof. You can see these buildings in Adair Village, near Highway 99W. ALH organized in 2011, in response to the need to raise funds to make these 1940s building ready for use. We called the project Raising the Barracks and we have spent much time and energy raising funds to help restore this older building that spent decades exposed to the weather.


Adair Living History plans to establish an interpretive center for the history of the Adair area in one of the buildings that were salvaged by the City of Adair Village. Our goals are to help the City of Adair Village complete renovations of the building so that the goal of creating an Interpretive Center can be realized. After the building is finished, our job will be to help preserve our regional history, and share it with any who are interested.

As you can see from the photographs below, it would be fitting to create a permanent display showing the interior of a barracks building, just like those our soldiers in training lived in.

Building as it currently appears

Photograph Courtesy of Orley Friesen

Working Barracks, early 1940s
Old Barracks

Photograph Courtesy of Benton County Museum

In this and other ways, we hope to:

  • Enhance the understanding of our heritage
  • Aid and stimulate the discovery process
  • Provide effective communication of heritage information

ALH believes that the history of the Adair area is well worth pre-serving and sharing. We make every effort to preserve information that already exists by:

  • Preserving Maps, Photos & other Documents
  • Recording Oral Histories and Making Them Available to the Public
  • Housing Artifacts (once the Interpretive Center is Built)
  • Building a Searchable Database of Resources about Camp Adair for Researchers and Scholars to use.


ALH is excited to announce that the City of Adair Village will provide the necessary additional funds to renovate the building that will house the Interpretive Center. Later this year we will see significantly increased activity in the building as major construction begins. Please join us as we work towards creating the Adair Interpretive Center. Ways you can participate include:

  • Join the board of directors! We meet monthly, often via Zoom. Call (541) 231-7838 for more details or write to barbarajmelton@msn.com
  • Volunteer! We can use help during our semi-annual events and we will need docents once the Interpretive Center opens.
  • Join us at our events! Adair History Day will be on May 6 this year. See the flyer under “events” for details.
  • Donate! Even if the City of Adair Village provides the construction funds for our building, we will need money to furnish the building, create signage, track the acquisition of exhibits, and for much more. You may donate using the “Donate” button on each page of this website, or send a check to Adair Living History; 777 Cottage Street NE, Unit I; Salem, OR 97301


We look forward to seeing you soon!